Our mission is to provide high quality sign language interpretation, transliteration, and translation services; to assist English and non-English users to connect both personally and professionally; and to build the capacity of employers and employees; service providers and service recipients; medical personnel and patients; et al to communicate everything from basic human needs to complex technical and medical information.

Bridging Languages, Bridging Cultures, Bridging Lives

Life Interpretation, Inc.
PO Box 5002
Des Moines, IA  50305


515.265.5433 (L.I.F.E.)

Directors of Life Interpretation

Peggy Chicoine, RID: CI & CT, LI

Jeff Reese, RID: CI & CT, LI

Susan Hardine, EIPA, LI

Life Interpretation Staff

front row: Susan Hardine, Peggy Chicoine, Debbie Toomey, Dana Gemmill, Carrie Wood
back row: Jeff Reese